Science, Technology, and the Modern in Canada

In December 2013, Professor Richard Jarrell passed away suddenly at the height of a forty-three year career at York University. Jarrell was one of the founders of the field of history of Canadian science and technology, co-founding its premier scholarly organization, helping to inaugurate its annual conference and to found its journal. In honour of his contributions, we’re organizing a conference in his memory. Like the edited volume to follow, the conference engages the complex historical interconnections between science, technology, and the modern in Canada. Celebrating and extending Jarrell’s own interests and contributions, it also draws on new insights and approaches from the broader histories of science and technology, architecture, and the environment. It carries those insights and questions into new sites and topics: weapons systems, infrastructure, oceans, aviation, northern exploration, atmospheric surveillance, genetic engineering, health and nutrition.

For more information, visit the conference website here.